Software Review: Instaviral 2

Making your content go viral in social media is an excellent way to get clicks and a ton of traffic heading your site’s way. Now creating interesting content is one thing, and making it go viral is another. It has to be something that people will end up sharing all over the social network. Cyril Jeet, Jay Venka, and their team has a new solution to creating viral content. It’s a software tool called Instaviral 2, and we will be seeing it launch hours from now.

Insta-viral is a SaaS that produces images and quotes that are expected to go viral quickly. It is web-based, meaning that you will not need to install anything to your computer, meaning that it will work in just about any computer with an up-to-date browser and you will not need to undergo all the hassles of program installation.

The SaaS has a massive library of proven viral quotes and images, through which you can churn out an infinite number of unique viral content, which the software can then post in an unlimited number of social media sites for maximum sharing, automatically. The images are also completely customizable with frames, text styles, image randomization, and more. You can also schedule posting, and all the posts you create are proven friendly with Google’s algorithms and will certainly help rank your site up in Google.

Instaviral 2 will go live on June 13, 2016, at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. The product will come at three recurring price points by then: Lite for $24, Elite Annual for $27, and a three-year access for $37. We will check it out and update you in this post with a complete review of the product as soon as it is launched, so if you are interested, just bookmark this page and check back again for our review.

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