Green Screen Actors V2: A Full Review

Have you ever seen those advertisements and commercials with actors on animated backgrounds and the like? Well, the actors are shot in front of bright green screens, and cut out frame by frame during post processing. This is a great way to put an actor to just about any video, although this understandably is a little too much work. Now you don’t really need to pay an actor to stand and move about in front of a green screen and then work hours on end to get a cut out of your subject. You can also avail of this new product from Max Rylski called Green Screen Actors V2.

This, as you can tell, is the latest iteration of Green Screen Actors, a product that features cut out subjects that you can import to practically any movie project. For this version, the package will include 200 green screen actors in 18 categories, and these figures are pretty much twice the number of what’s included in the prior version. It will be available for $17, although this price is set to go up gradually to $27 as the launch progresses.

Green Screen Actors V2 will be launched tomorrow, April 5, 2018. It is scheduled to go live later at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. If you are as excited as we are in this product, we’d also love to encourage you to bookmark this page and return right after the product launches. We are going to add a complete review of the product to this post by then.

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