A Review of Graphic Azura Vol 2

Pictures can be a very effective medium of visual communication. Images simply capture attention, and is a lot more digestible than a far more detailed wall of text. This is why so many people, marketers and entrepreneurs included, make use of images to communicate with their audience. Creating graphics, however, can take plenty of time and work, and all this can be cut short if you have a bunch of graphic assets available for use. Such a solution to the tedious work of graphic design is what product creator Anugerah Sayifullah will be offering in his latest launch. His upcoming product is called Graphic Azura Vol 2, but will it be worth your money?

This product is a package of done-for-you graphic assets for use in videos, Instagram posts, PowerPoint presentations, and a whole lot more. It will come with 50 flyer templates, over 1000 stock image and stock video footage, 80 PowerPoint video templates, and 80 slide templates. This package will be available soon for the price of $17 at the start of this launch, which will go up to $27 as we approach this launch’s end.

Graphic Azura Vol 2 is going to come live on January 14, 2018, and we are going to review it as soon as it is launched. The product will go live in the morning of that date at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. That said, if you are interested in this product and would like to know more about it first, just bookmark this page and be sure to come back soon after this much awaited launch.

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