FyrePoster: A Review

Managing a social media account for a business is not as easy as sitting back and posting from time to time. This job essentially has a lot to do with creating engagement, and you will need to be able to constantly communicate with your audience in order to eventually connect with them and turn them into customers or casual word-of-mouth marketers. This means that you have to constantly come up with content to post or find some that you can share, and this can be a tiresome job. Autoposters can easily take a lot of load off of any social media manager’s shoulders, and here’s a promising one that we have come across lately: the FyrePoster from Thomas Witek.

This product is an advanced autoposter for the popular social networking site Facebook. A prior version of this product has been launched in the past, and this new iteration is the result of thousands of user feedback. Primarily, what this software does is upload content automatically on schedule. For this version, it also includes a comment module, comment liking function, and group search. The price tag for this product is $19 at the beginning of this launch, a price that is set to go up to $27 over time.

Thomas is launching FyrePoster on this very date, April 3, 2018. It is coming live later at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. This product sure has plenty of potential, and if you want to know whether or not it does fulfill our positive expectations, just bookmark this page and return later. Right after the launch, we will update this page with a comprehensive review.

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