Review: Is FlowTraffic Legit?

Getting traffic is one of the essentials of running an Internet marketing campaign. Indeed, all efforts at putting up banner ads and going around social networking sites will come to naught if you are not able to direct people to visit your site. As it is, many people are looking to learn how to generate traffic efficiently, and how to effectively sift leads from all that traffic and convert them to followers or paying customers. There are plenty of Internet marketing courses and tools that can help in this regard, and the latest of these is this new traffic generation app called FlowTraffic.

This product is the latest offer from Neil Napier and his team, and we are yet to see it launch. This is a social media automation app, which means that it does all the metaphorically dirty work of managing your social media pages for you. It creates posts that aim to engage your audience, leveraging the power of pictures in order to generate traffic heading to the page of your choosing by the droves; all these are done in full autopilot. The app will be available for $24 and $27 prices. The former is the basic version and the latter will include a WordPress plugin. Either way, the app will come with case studies that will hopefully add further to your knowledge in Internet marketing.

FlowTraffic is going live later today, March 12, 2018, at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Be sure to bookmark this page and return after the launch, for we will be updating this blog with a more complete review.

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