Review: Flexy AI

An online business will need to keep up with the times if it were to stay afloat, as is true with businesses in the offline world. Business owners will need to look out for upcoming trends and adapt to it before everyone else does, or simply make sure not to get left behind. Keeping your business—and essentially, your web pages—up to date, however, is not necessarily an easy task. You will need to deal with often rough cut page builders, or will need to hire some help to get the task done for you repeatedly. Now what if there’s an artificial intelligence system that can keep your business updated as needed? This is what Simon Warner’s upcoming product, Flexy AI is all about.

This product is practically an artificial intelligence powered by Google machine learning, and it is designed to keep your webpages up to date in accordance to the latest trends. It steers you clear from using bad page builders just to get your pages updated, helps you instantly edit your graphics, and generally, keeps your business afloat amidst change. With these features and more, don’t expect this product to be another one of those cheap programs out there, as it will come with a price tag of $197.

Simon will launch the Flexy AI today, August 4, 2017. It should be available later at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. If you are highly interested in this new product and would like to learn a bit more about it before making your purchase, just bookmark this page and come back later. Shortly after the product has launched, we will update this page with a comprehensive and detailed review.

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