EZ WP Plug n Player Reviewed

The video can be easily said as the best medium through which one can promote something. As we all know, videos are very engaging and can help you relay information on your offer in a more effective and more convincing way than even the most colorful infographic ever would. Now if you are looking to add videos that would promote your product to your own website, online entrepreneurs Vivek Sharma and Yaz Stone have a new offer that they promise will make the whole thing easier for you. This new product is called EZ WP Plug n Player, and it is launching very soon.

This product is a brand new WordPress plugin that will let you add videos to your WordPress site. Just upload the videos like usual and the plugin will provide you with shortcodes that you can put anywhere in your site. The plugin can also allow you to customize your video player—you can have the video play muted, disable or hide the controls, loop the vid, and more. This works in practically any device. The plugin will be available for $9.95 upon launch, and this price will go up during the course of this launch until it gets to $14.95.

EZ WP Plug n Player is launching tomorrow, December 27, 2017, and we are seeing it come live by then at 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. Once this product has gone live, do not hesitate to bookmark this blog and just come back soon after the product has launched. by then, this post should be updated with a complete review of this product.

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