Web App Review: EmailDyno

If you are in the search for information that will help improve the way you make money with your online business, you will most likely come across plenty of advice that directs you to run an email marketing campaign. Naturally, you can’t just send emails to every address that you can find online for that matter. You will need to build your list, and of course, this will take time and effort to accomplish. As soon as you jump into sending emails, you will need to be able to engage your prospects, convincing them to click on your links and viewing your offers. Now we have ran across a variety of tools that will help you in this regard, but one that caught our attention lately is EmailDyno, a new product from Karl Schuckert and his team.

This product is a web app filled to the brim with elements that you can use to engage your list. These elements include countdown timers, images, video overlays, and more. They are designed in such a way that they quickly turn your mailing list into a profit-churning machine. This product is intended for use not just by email marketers but also anyone who makes use of email to send their offers or messages across to their audience.

EmailDyno is expected to go live today, October 3, 2016, at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, for the basic price of $47. Bookmark this page if you are interested in this product, and come back later as we will update this post with a complete review of this brand new email marketing software.

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