Plugin Review: eCompare

E-commerce is one of the most profitable ways to earn one’s dough in the World Wide Web. This, essentially, is selling things online, and is pretty much a digitized version of commerce as practiced in the real world. Now to properly run an e-commerce business, you will need to have a website and a product. Building the correct website and finding the right product, though, can be a lot of work, and it would cost you big if you decide to outsource these tasks. A new product from Internet marketer Mark Bishop, however, promises to make this a lot easier for you. It’s called the eCompare and it should launch really soon.

This product is a plugin that will help you build an e-commerce store quickly complete with a full roster of products, for which you only need to provide a global affiliate link. The plugin also automatically adds descriptions, images, and titles to all of the products featured in your store, thereby cutting short the time that you will need to set up your store and make money.

Mark Bishop will launch the eCompare tomorrow, June 17, 2017, and it is set to go live in the morning of that date at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. It will be available for $27. Once this product goes live, we will review this product and update you with what we find out right in this very post. That said, if you are interested in our review and general opinion on this product, we recommend that you bookmark this page and come back once the product goes live.

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