Easy Video Templates: A Brief Review

Creating a video is not as simple as pointing the camera at something, hitting record, and then calling the whole thing a day. Well, technically, that would count as video creation, but if you are looking to make a video for a very specific situation, that is not going to cut it. It takes time, however, to come up with a well-done video, especially when it comes to ones intended for Internet marketing. A good set of templates can help cut down that time, however. This is what Scott Hamlin is offering in his upcoming product, the Easy Video Templates.

As the product’s name suggests, this new Scott Hamlin offering is a collection of video templates. There will be 75 templates excluding what will be made available as bonuses and add ons. These templates can be edited through the Easy Video Lab Lite app which will be included in the package for free, or the premium software Kinetic Text Animator, both of which are created by Scott and his team. The whole package will be available for $27.

Scott is launching the Easy Video Templates on December 20, 2017. That would be tomorrow, and the product will be made available by then at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. Once this product is launched, we will be sure to take time to check it out, and we will then update this page with a comprehensive review. If you want to check out our review, just bookmark this page for easy access, and be sure to come back shortly after the product is launched.

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