Dropbox Custom Content Delivery App Reviewed

A new product called the Dropbox Custom Content Delivery App will be launched by Internet Marketers Kenneth Reno and Alex Albert on the first day of September 2013, at 8:00 AM EST. It will be sold for a front end price of $17-$27.

You may have heard of Dropbox, a cloud storage which offers a free 2GB storage for a free subscription and a bigger amount of storage for a paid subscription. However, the developers of this product claims that they will help Internet marketers tap the power of Dropbox subscriptions and this uses a custom coded App. The Dropbox Custom Content Delivery App will help buyers of the product set up their Dropbox to stay connected with clients. This means putting a file in your Dropbox folder and the content is immediately shared with users of the App in their respective Dropbox folders as well.

Now would it be worth to spend your $17-$27 on this product? I am a Dropbox user myself and I know that I can share my folder or files to anybody by sending them an invite thru my Dropbox account. Now how is this App different to doing it online by yourself? We will find out once it launches in a couple of days. Meanwhile, do bookmark this post, as it would be interesting to make a follow up review on whether this product is worth buying or not.

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