Domain Security Pro: Does It Work?

Software developer and Internet marketer Mark Dulisse is set to launch what would probably be his biggest product this year. This product is the Domain Security Pro, a desktop application that aims to protect your WordPress site from malicious attacks like hacks and brute force spam. It will launch next week on the 11th of June 2013 at an unspecified time.

Before you proceed reading, be warned that we may get a little technical in the next few paragraphs. The Domain Security Pro is a desktop software compatible for both PC and Mac. It can protect your WP website by disabling access of your wp-admin (log in) page by anyone except your IP. This is done by setting a CPanel htaccess password to your admin page URL. The software can do this to more than one site at a time with just a click of a button.

To make it simple, the software allows nobody else but you to access your wp-admin page. This eliminates the possibility of your site’s password getting cracked by a brute force attack and minimizes the chance that someone can hack through your site. Besides this, the software also has a feature that protects your images from getting hotlinked to.

We’ve seen this product’s demo video and had a glimpse of the interface so allow us to give our first impressions. The DSP is one no-fuss desktop application judging from its simplistic interface. It is highly intuitive and requires no learning curve, allowing anybody who owns a WP site to operate it with ease.  Not bad.

We’ll see if this program actually delivers soon after it is launched. We’ll be requesting help from some of our whitehat hacker friends to see just how well it can protect your site. If you are interested in this product and are looking forward to our review, make sure to bookmark this site and come back on the launch day.


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