A Review of the DialCaller

Customer service is essential for every business, and is there any more intimate way to communicate with your customers than the through the phone? As this should serve as a convenience for customers, the top dogs across all industries spend money on toll-free numbers that saves their customers the expense just to contact them. Anything is possible these days, though, and not just the rich corporate businesses can have those toll-free contact numbers, plus all the technology that makes customer service a lot more convenient. DialCaller, an upcoming product, promises a service that will make all of these a reality.

This product will be the latest product to be released by Internet marketer Satish Gaire. It is a software that will give you your very own custom toll-free number, plus a system complete with call forwarding, custom greetings with a text-to-speech feature, voicemail, and an optional call recording functionality. The software provides unlimited extensions, so it can work for any business of any size, as well as an unlimited mailbox size, and analytics for all call data. The software will be available for $47 per year, or $97 for a three-year license.

DialCaller will be coming live on January 8, 2017. That would be Sunday next week, and it should go live by then at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. If you want to know more about this new product, just bookmark this page and come back on the 8th, shortly after the product is launched. By then, we will update this page with our completed review of this product.

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