A Full Review of The Dark Post Engine

Facebook as we all know by now is one of the largest social media networks there is today. With the number of active users worldwide, you can be sure to reach a larger audience when you utilize this platform for your marketing ads. However, not every Internet marketer out there knows exactly how to take advantage of FB ads. This is why Jimmy Kim and Fred Lam are launching the Dark Post Engine on the 5th of July 2016. It goes live at 9:00 Eastern Daylight Time.

Dark Post Engine is a 2-in-1 cloud based software. The first thing it can do for you is spy on your competitors ads and landing pages. The second feature is the top post engine. It will extract over 180 days from any Facebook page posts and arrange it based on the number of engagement. Giving you an idea what will be the best engaging ad for a particular audience. By using the software, it helps you reduce your ad cost by 50%. This is because you get rid of the guess work and simply post ads that are guaranteed to work.

The front-end product is not really that cheap, but not too expensive as well. One can avail of it for only $49. Are you inclined in buying this software? Then we recommend that you click that bookmark button now. This will allow you to easily check back on this post so you can easily come back to read our honest review of the software.

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