An Unbiased Review of Covert Geo Targeter

Making conversions is the end game of every online marketer, which is why the Internet marketing struggle goes beyond merely generating traffic; all that web traffic needs to be worked on in order to turn your site’s visitors into subscribers or paying customers. One way to make this happen, especially for businesses and websites who look towards a broad, international audience as its source of traffic, is through geotargeting. Geotargeting is essentially providing custom content to your visitors based on their location. This sounds like a lot of trouble, for sure, and with that in mind, IM Wealth Builders has a new product that will make this entire process a lot easier. It’s called Covert Geo Targeter, and it is going to come live soon.

This product is a WordPress plugin that allows you to input your visitor’s location practically anywhere in your blog, and effectively deliver custom content based on that information. This will work really well for affiliate marketers and online vendors alike. It also helps that geotargeting is a proven method that brings in results. This plugin will come with a $27 price tag.

We’re ending this article here, for now, as this is all the information that we have about Covert Geo Targeter at the moment. We expect to know more about this WordPress plugin after it launches on February15, 2018, at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. We are updating this post with a full review of this product by then, so if you are interested in this brand new WordPress plugin, just bookmark this page and return right after the product goes live.

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