Convertifire: Reviewed

Convertifire is the next generation tool that insists on optimizing your conversion rate and ultimately, boosting your profits. This product is from Stefan Van Der Vlag and you can secure access to this software on the 14th of December 2016 at 10:00 Eastern Standard Time. The cost of the front-end is $199, which is a serious but reasonable investment for the best and the most powerful conversion machine in the world.

Convertifire is an all-in-one feedback tool with never before seen features for any platform that helps to increase conversions, boost profits, and grow your company. This software makes it possible for you to spy ethically on your competitors using heat maps & behavioral recordings. It also includes feedback tools like polls, surveys, conversion funnels, form analysis, and loads more. By simply improving user experience, you increase conversions. You improve this based on the insights you get with this all-in-one feedback tool.

With heat maps, scroll maps, eye movement maps, and click maps, you will have access to accumulative data. From these features alone, you will be able to see what your visitors like and what they do not like. The behavioral recordings allow you to find out why visitors are not taking the actions you want them to take. As with the polls and surveys, you will be able to get the inner motivators of your visitors, and this software will even tie that data to your recordings. Do bookmark this post if you want to learn more about the other features of this software, which we will cover in a more detailed review that will be available soon.

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