Software Review: Conversionizer

When online marketers gather around and start talking about traffic and leads, one significant word will come up often in their discourse: conversion. True enough, heavy web traffic full of leads is worthless when the marketer does nothing about it; this needs to be converted into subscribers or—ultimately—sales. While this sounds like a difficult thing to figure out, the Internet is full of resources where you can learn how to effectively convert traffic and leads into profits. One that got our attention recently, though, is this new conversion solution from Internet marketer OJ James called Conversionizer.

This new product is a complete solution that has features that can track your site’s visitors, your subscribers, and your sales. It can also optimize your site’s content automatically, in an effort to help you attract more visitors from the existing stream of traffic flowing into your website. The whole thing is designed with a simplified advanced conversion system in mind, so this should not come off as a surprise. It is user friendly and using it is literally nothing more than point-and-click, and you will not need to pay hundreds of dollars monthly for that matter.

Conversionizer will be available for the price of $27 on the onset of its launch this February 6, 2018, at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. It will cost $37 at the end of this launch, however. We will update this post with a full review to let you know whether or not this product is worth its cost at any given price, so if you are interested, just bookmark this page and return on the launch day.

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