Codename – UltraVideo Software: Create Professionally Looking Videos

Codename – UltraVideo Software is a new video editing software that allows you to create your very own unique video from text in an instant. It does not stop there. In your video, you may use different languages and 100 different voices. It translates both the text and the audio, so you have a ready to use video.

To use the Codename – UltraVideo Software, you start by choosing a template. There are different templates available for different niches. Then proceed by choosing the article you want for the video, select the language, music and images you want to add. As soon as you click encode, your video is ready to go.

Simon Warner and Richard Fairbairn are launching Codename – UltraVideo Software on September 9th this year at 11:00 AM EDT with a front-end price of $37-$67. You can check this post for any updates. They will be offering limited bonuses and some prizes on the launch date, so if you are interested to purchase the software, do it on that date.

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