Cloud Defender Developer: A Quick Review

Security is important for every business that operate in the World Wide Web. That said, the next product that we will be talking about is one that is promised to help provide you with optimum server security through what amounts to a virtual cloud-based fence around your site. This product is called the Cloud Defender Developer, and this is the latest release from Matt Garrett and this team. This is not entirely a new software; in fact, it has been in use by around 2 million businesses worldwide and counting. Now what does this security software do and will it offer anything new to the table?

As you can tell, this is a tested and proven security software, having existed for quite some time now and trusted by a huge number of online businesses. What it does is that it builds a protective cloud-based layer of defense around your server. This layer effectively blocks everything from bad bot traffic and sitescrapers, to malicious activities like DDOS (denial of service) attacks. This is a must for everyone who wants to secure their online businesses and improve their traffic generation and SEO, and it helps that the price starts at a mere $7.

Cloud Defender Developer is yet to go live, and it will be launched today, December 28, 2016. The launch is scheduled to go online this morning at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. If you are looking to learn more about this product before you make your purchasing decision, be sure to hit that bookmark button while you are on this page and come back some time after the product has gone live. We will be updating this post by then with a complete review of this software.

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