Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle Reviewed

Amy Harrop has been writing about a lot of things since God knows when, and she has been very successful at that. Amy is pretty much an expert in the field of content marketing, and if there’s someone you should seek some content marketing advice from, that would be her. Her products are simply oozing in information and quality, and we are yet to see her release another content marketing-centric product. This new product is not one course or guide but an entire bundle of those. It’s called Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle, and it is launching on the very date of this writing.

This bundle will include ten of Amy’s best content marketing courses and guides. This includes Kindle Secret Niches Vol 1, Kindle Secret Niches Vol 2, Publishing Intelligence Non-Fiction, Marketing Intelligence Non-Fiction, Content Intelligence, Content Intelligence Done-For-You, Publishing Arbitrage, Kickstart Kindle Promotion, Unravel The Mystery, and Romance Niches. As you can easily tell from the titles of these materials, they are all geared towards content marketing. This bundle will come with the Holiday Graphics Bundle as a bonus; it will ll be available for the one time bargain price of $27.

Amy’s Product Blowout Bundle is going live on this very date, May 22, 2018. It is set to be out later at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. This launch will be running until May 29, after which, Amy will be taking the featured products off the market for good. We will be adding a full review of this product to this post as soon as the product goes live so just bookmark this page and return later if you are interested.

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