Review: Affiliate Bonus Templates (ABT)

One of the most profitable businesses that you can probably start online is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing earns you money through commissions, which are your share of profits from every sale made of the product that you promote made by a buyer who clicked on your affiliate link. Making money as an affiliate, however, is not as easy as simply sitting back and waiting for your visitors to click on your link and purchase whatever it is being offered. You will need to convince them to do so, and bonuses are a good way to get those clicks that will lead to commissions. If you are out of ideas as to what sort of bonus can you offer your visitors, Ikhlas Alatas has a new product that may be able to help you out: the Affiliate Bonus Templates (ABT).

ABT is a collection of templates that you can use to create bonuses that will serve as incentive for your visitors to click on your affiliate link. It will also include templates that will turn your customer page into a rather eye-catching section of your site. There will be over 300 templates in this package, all of which are in PPT format, which you can then export as HTML or PDF in Microsoft PowerPoint or any presentation software.

Affiliate Bonus Templates (ABT) will launch on October 13, 2018, at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. It will be available at the start of this launch for the price of $19, which is set to gradually go up to $24 as the launch progresses. We will add our complete review of this product while it is cheap, though, and if you are interested, bookmark this page and return after the launch for our full review.

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