Adsmartly: A Review

Facebook objectively is the biggest player in the social media industry, thanks to its billion-strong user base and the success of its mobile applications. Suffice to say, Facebook is home to users with interests across various fields, making it a social networking site where you can find an audience for just about any offer. The site’s fan page and FB Ads features easily allow marketers to engage with their audience and gather leads; if you were to ask Victory Akpos and Joshua Johnson, however, one shouldn’t stop at that. They’d want you to turn your Facebook fan pages and profiles into lead generation machines with their latest product, Adsmartly.

This product is a software that captures leads from your Facebook fan page’s clickers, likers, and commenters in a single click and in full autopilot. It will not require you any landing page or optin forms for the purpose of marketing to your leads in a recurring manner, as it will do its magic on Facebook. When needed, though, this software can create squeeze pages and sales pages right in your Facebook page in less than a minute. The software will be available soon for the price of $29.

Adsmartly is going to be launched on March 24, 2018. It is set to go live by then at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. As soon as this product goes live, we are going to go ahead and update this page with a detailed review. If you want to check it out while you mull purchasing this product, just bookmark this page and be sure to come back after the launch.

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