Honest and Detailed Review of 3 Minute Journals

Interactive books like journals are becoming a popular niche, and if you are a writer or publisher, we are sure that you would want to be able to come up with your own too. If you agree, then you need to check out Amy Harrop and Debbie Drum’s latest offering, the 3 Minute Journals. It will be launched on the 15th of June 2015 at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

3 Minute Journals is a lightweight software tool that lets you create your own print ready journals in as fast as 3 minutes. The software lets you select your print size, put the same content on multiple pages, select font type and size. You can also insert several blank pages, when you need to make a divider or more space for people to write on. The product also comes with training for creating high quality journals, as well as getting you to promote your journal fast and easy.

The launch price will be at $27, which is a 50% discounted price. Expect the price to go up on the 24th of June, as it goes back to its original price of $47. Should you begin to panic and jump on board immediately? We say there is plenty of time to think and wait for our review to be posted here. For now, your best move would be to bookmark this post and remember to come back here once the product is launched. We will be grabbing our own copy of the software, so we can come up with our own honest and detailed review, and you can use it in coming up with a decision.

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